Double facades

Double facades

Advantages of double facades: decorative look, increased sound insulation and ability to improve energy efficiency and micro-climate of the building, as well as architectural diversity, thus allowing combining various facade solutions to achieve the desirable result both from the visual and practical point of view.

Types of double facade designs:

Undivided cover facades

Double glass facades with undivided cover facade are facades where the external facade is without openings and where the air enters between the facades at the bottom, but exits at the top of the facade. In the summertime the natural ventilation principle of undivided facade works at the lower floors only, because the warm air exiting from the lower floor premises moves upwards and enters the upper floors. Advantages of the solution - easy assembly of the facade.

Corridor facades / Divided cover facades

Advantages of corridor facades - additional openings and air channels in the external facade allowing the fresh air to circulate between the internal and external facade, and providing circulation of fresh air to all floors.

Such a facade is more complicated in the construction process, because it requires complicated technical calculations to guarantee correct air circulation.

Advantages of double facades

Use of double facades and various specific solutions thereof results in 60-70% energy savings at the expense of artificial lighting, 40-60% decrease of heating costs, reduction of use of air-conditioning and ventilation up to 70-80%.

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