AILE COto windows and doors are designed to achieve the highest energy efficiency and thermal insulation performance.

System features traditional Scandinavian window design, which is combined with up-to-date shapes, faultless functionality and highest quality.

Windows and doors with double insulated glass unit are offered in Aile COto48 system, windows and doors with triple insulated glass unit in Aile COto62 system.

Structures are made of a wooden frame with composite material and aluminum claddings on outside. Aile COto windows and doors are suitable for all type of buildings, including public and office buildings with a wide range of functional, architectural and visual requirements.

Highest U-value or thermal insulation coefficient up to 0.76 W/m2K **
Ew: 5.4 kWh/m2/year; total energy: 9.8 kWh/year - meets the A energy class.

Passive house standart can be reached with Aile COto 62 windows by using triple insulated glass units with Ug value 0.5 W/m2K.





48 (double insulating glass unit)

Installation depth

116 mm; 140 mm; 164 mm; 188mm; 208 mm; 250 mm


Wood, composite material (Blendex 03), aluminium

Thickness of insulating glass unit

26 mm

Total energy Eref

Eref (openable window) = -22.5 kWh/m2

Thermal insulation



Uw* = 1.29 W/m2K

Insulating glass unit (4-18-4)

Ug = 1.14 W/m2K


Uf = 133 W/m2K

* standard size 1230 x 1480 mm openable window, according to EN ISO 10077:1


AILE COto 62


62 (triple insulating glass unit)

Installation depth

130 mm; 154 mm; 178 mm; 202mm; 222 mm; 264 mm


Wood, composite material (Blendex 03), aluminium

Thickness of insulating glass unit

48 mm

Total energy Eref

Eref (openable window) = +5.1 kWh/m2

Air permeability (EN 1026)

class 4 (classification EN 12207)

Watertightness (EN 1027)

E 1200 (classification EN 12208)

Resistance to wind loads (EN 12211) 

class C3 (classification EN 12210)

Thermal insulation



Uw* = 0.77 W/m2K

Insulating glass unit (4-18-4-18-4)

Ug = 0.51 W/m2K


Uf = 1.19 W/m2K


* standard size 1230 x 1480 mm openable window, according to EN ISO 10077:1


Acknowledgment to the extensive possibilities for glazing type and thickness of the choice, it is possible to reach different sun protection, sound insulation, personal safety and thermal insulation levels. To ensure optimal indoor climate and lighting control as well as easy care, wood aluminum structures are also offered with manually or automatically operated blinds integrated in insulated glass units. For more information on glass production available


External aluminium cladding are available in more than 200 colours from the RAL colour catalogue, while internal wooden part – in all colours offered by the RAL catalogue. Wooden elements are available also with lacquer coating preserving natural wooden look. Wooden parts are treated with water-based paints and lacquers providing ecological and environment-friendly product.


COto is outwards opening window system. Operating function of windows is provides by IPA, PN, GU, SIEGENIA, MILA-GARANT, ASSA. Following opening types are available.

Standart handles are in a silver color. Upon request other colors available. Windows and doors can be equipped with extra fittings to ensure child safety, anti-burglar protection.

Internal and external window sills are not included in the standard offer, howerver, these can be delivered upon request. Internal window sills can be made of wood and both internal and external sills are available in all color range.


Combination of two radically different materials results in a structure allowing for new engineering solutions in the design and construction of buildings. Most used wood for windows is pine. For window casement is used hardest part of pinewood. To meet client and architect requirements we can offer other type of timbers like mahogany, oak, etc.

Wood is warm, well absorbs sound and provide comfort and warmth to the house meanwhile aluminium is a modern high-technology product that is particularly resistant to external impact, relatively light-wight and does not add additional weight to window.



A standard fitting set allows ventilation position of the window. However, various extra solutions for ventilation equipment are also offered depending on the air circulation and acoustic levels required inside the building.


Shading can be provided with blinds built-in in the insulating glass unit. Manually and automatically operated blinds are available. In order to protect premises from overheating in the summertime, glasses absorbing and reflecting solar energy can be used. Advantages of integrated blinds are that they don't get wet, dusty, or dirty and they can't be abused by little hands or paws. Smart automated control units control blinds automatically as you wish them to operate during you are at home or when you are out.

For more information about the blinds built-in in the insulating glass unit and solar protection glazing visit:


Internal and external window sills are not included in the standard equipment, however, these can be delivered upon request.


Aile COto installation manual

Aile COto operation and maintenance manual




All implemented projects you can find in References page.

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